About IIR

IIR 2015 is the 6th edition of the Italian Information Retrieval Workshop. The event has been held annually since 2010. The previous editions were:

IIR 2010 in Padova, IT (General Chair: Massimo Melucci; Program Chairs: Stefano Mizzaro, Gabriella Pasi)
IIR 2011 in Milano, IT (General Chair: Gabriella Pasi; Program Chairs: Massimo Melucci, Stefano Mizzaro)
IIR 2012 in Bari, IT (General Chair: Giovanni Semeraro; Program Chairs: Gianni Amati, Claudio Carpineto)
IIR 2013 in Pisa, IT (General Chair: Fabrizio Sebastiani; Program Chairs: Roberto Basili, Giovanni Semeraro)
IIR 2014 in Roma, IT (General Chair: Roberto Basili; Program Chairs: Fabio Crestani, Marco Pennacchiotti)